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Did you know that a custom shirt gets seen by 3,400 people during its lifetime? Corporate Casuals offers a massive selection of custom shirts, including polos, button-downs, pullovers, t-shirts, long-sleeve tees, tank tops, and crew neck sweatshirts for men, women, and youth. It's easy: Pick your shirt, upload your logo and you'll get your custom shirts from us in less than a week, all at an affordable price.

Top Decorating Methods for Custom Shirts

Embroidery sampleWe use top-grade embroidery machines to stitch your logo using colorfast, durable rayon threads that look great and last through lots of washes and wears. Embroidery results in a more professional, polished look than printing, for uniforms or shirts for sale. The cost of embroidery depends on how many colors and stitches there are in your logo. We don't recommend embroidery for shirts with thin fabrics like t-shirts and some high-performance polyester tees. Stitching isn't great for tiny lettering or small designs with a lot of detail. When you're embroidering shirts, you want to invest in top-quality decoration.
Screen Printing  sampleIf you have large artwork or want your logo on the front and back of your shirt, screen printing is more cost effective than embroidery. Screen printing means we apply layers of ink to your shirt with a mesh screen for every vibrant color in your design. We recommend uploading your artwork and choosing screen printing for t-shirts, especially when you want an intricate design with gradients and shading. (You’ll get your shirts in less than a week.) If you need t-shirts for a youth baseball team, lightweight uniform tees, a summer corporate party or for a resort gift shop, screen printing is a great choice. For thicker shirt fabrics and when you want a more professional look, embroidery is a better option. A printed design on custom short sleeve t-shirts or tank tops lasts through many washes and wears.
Digital Printing sampleDigital printing is a good option for small orders with large multi-color logos. Digital printing is more expensive than screen printing in general. Dark color garments require a pre-treatment that may need to be washed before you can use the shirts.

Lots Of Custom Logo Locations

There are lots of locations where we can embroider, screen print or heat press your logo, artwork or message on your personalized shirt. The left chest is the default spot, but if you want a different placement, specify that in the notes section for us when you check out. Upload your own artwork in our design studio, and we'll take care of the rest in about a week!


On a polo or woven shirt, we can place your logo on the left chest. If there's a pocket or a brand-name logo on the left chest, we'll embroider your logo on the right chest. But wait: We can embroider your logo on the left chest and a person's name on the right chest. For extra 360-degree branding, we can imprint a logo on the left or right sleeve, or on the back yoke, right below the collar.

For t-shirts and pullovers, we can screen print or heat transfer a full-front or full-back design (or both). We can also decorate the sleeves. Creating your custom shirt is easy and fun in our design studio. Even better, you'll have your shirts in about a week for your event!

Your Best Custom Shirt Logo Size

A decorating best practice is to keep your custom shirt logo less than 4 inches wide by 3 inches tall. The best size for embroidered text lettering is 1/4 inch (6.3mm) or taller. Pro tip: Use a block font that doesn’t contain any fine details less than 1/16 inch (1.5mm) wide.

4 Inches

3 inches

When custom designing a shirt logo to have maximum visibility to potential customers, choose thread colors that strongly contrast with the color of the custom shirts you’ve picked. However, since embroidery is such a stand-out decorating method, even non-contrasting logos look great.

If you're leaning toward a more subdued look, go for tone-on-tone custom artwork where your logo color and shirt shade differ by about one shade. We can even do a color-on-color design where we match your logo color to the exact shade of your custom polo or button-down. Since we use 3-D rayon threads that reflect light in a unique way, viewers will still easily recognize your logo, which has a more polished engraved look on whatever shirt style you choose.

5 Reasons to Buy Custom Shirts for Your Brand

Here are five great reasons to get custom apparel for your team, event or store.

1. Logoed polos or t-shirts raise brand awareness.

When you use high-quality promotional clothing as in-and-out-of-office corporate wear for your employees, you’ll get lots of eyes on your logo. Whether your employees are on a sales call, at a trade show or hitting the grocery store after work, your embroidered or screen-printed logo will create massive awareness for your company.

2. They fit into your dress code & reinforce brand identity.

Let’s face it: Your employees (and your company) look more professional when they wear embroidered polos, wovens or pullovers. Polos and button-downs are a classic style that are on trend year after year. With a new informal and work-from-home culture, nice t-shirts are a great choice for office casual wear. Logoed shirts build a strong brand identity among your employees and clients. Our team can help you find the right shirt styles and colors to represent your unique company. We can embroider your logo on one shirt or hundreds, and get them over to you in less than a week.

3. Today's shirt styles are comfortable and versatile.

People love to wear clothes that are easy wear and care, functional, and make them look great. Our polos, wovens and t-shirts come in flattering fits, and in lightweight performance fabrics that people can wear in all types of environments, for all types of occasions, all year round.

4. Your embroidered logo will last for years.

A stitched logo will last for the long term, through many washes and wears. Quality shirts themselves are durable garments, and since they never go out of style, they’re a great choice for your logo. We can also perfectly color-match your company colors to your embroidered or printed logo.

5. Shirts are cost-efficient and effective.

We stock affordable high-quality shirt styles that we quickly embroider or print your logo on, gaining you favorable brand impressions from day one. Custom logoed shirts are basically walking billboards for your brand. Shirts with your branding last longer than print ads, TV or radio commercials, billboards and more, making them a cost-effective way to increase your reach.

It's easy! Choose a shirt style. Then, save your design in our design studio and create a great-looking custom shirt. It's easy, fast and fun. We turn your custom shirts around in about a week!

Your Frequently Asked Questions, Answered

Question #1: Why should I order from you if I'm across the country?

Good question! Yes, you could just go to the embroidery and print shop down the street, but are you going to get the decoration quality and customer service you expect? You can order one piece, or hundreds or thousands. We'll convert your logo into a stitch file quickly and we'll embroider your shirts'll get top-quality logoed shirts in about a week.

Question #2: So you need to “convert” my logo into an embroidery file?



When you upload an image or logo in our design studio for us to embroider on your custom shirt, we convert it to an embroidery-machine-friendly file so we can stitch it out. (This conversion process is called digitizing.) For the best possible results our design services team will digitize your custom logo or artwork by hand using talented artists.

Question #3: Is my one-time setup fee really only paid once?



Yes! It costs $35. You'll see this one-time fee added to your shopping cart. Any future orders you place using this logo won't be charged a setup fee. The stitch file is yours, and you can download it anytime.

Question #4: Do you have brand-name custom shirts?



We've partnered with a long list of coveted brands so you can score a custom name-brand shirt and place your logo or message right alongside. You'll find shirts from Adidas, Carhartt, Charles River, Columbia, Eddie Bauer, Marmot, OGIO, New Era, and Under Armour.

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