Need Custom Designed T-Shirts?

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) printing is a great new means for printing a business logo, a photo, a graphic image or a line of copy on t-shirts and sweat shirts for business or personal applications.

And now, the Corporate Casuals Online T-shirt Design Studio makes it all quick, easy and surprisingly affordable for creating your own designs -- right at the computer. Use your own LOGO or artwork -- or selecting from our existing clip art. Then have your custom t-shirts and sweat shirts prepared precisely the way you want them!

Best for small businesses, local organizations, birthdays or anything!

DTG is ideal for small businesses or organizations, ones with a few employees and a desire to build morale or promote their products and services. Contractors (electricians, plumbers, landscapers), professionals (medical and health care practices, law firms and others), sports teams, church or charity groups and retailers can make the most of our services. So can individuals who want wonderful novelty t-shirts and sweat shirts for birthdays, anniversaries, reunions or any occasion. DTG can turn a custom designed tee-shirt into a moving billboard - or a memory that lasts forever.

Far more efficient than silk screening for all these reasons:

For smaller production runs, DTG offers tremendous advantages over silk screen printing. That's because silk screening involves long set-up times and complicated art preparation. Also, with silk screening you cannot reproduce a photograph on a garment. And most important, silk screening can be prohibitively expensive.

DTG is different from silk screening because it brings a world of ease, efficiency and affordability to those who want to print limited quantities of custom t-shirt designs. There's no minimum order. You can print 100 novelty tee-shirts, or 10, or even just one!

DTG printing is changing the way people can custom design t-shirts.

DTG printing is done on an ink jet printer that prints right onto your t-shirts and sweat shirts. The set-up time is very fast and you can print your favorite photos, designs or words right onto the garment. The cost is surprisingly affordable because the process is so quick and easy. Make your own t-shirt right here, right now. Just go to our Online T-Shirt Design Studio. Just keep these points in mind regarding the DTG process:

  1. High quality artwork is very important to get good results
  2. For best results, we suggest that you choose t-shirts made from 100% cotton.
  3. You can put your design anywhere on the t-shirt's 14x16 area, front or back.

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