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Custom embroidered hats are a cost-effective way to advertise. An employee wearing their embroidered cap will be seen over 3400 times by potential customers. Advertising on custom hats is 70-80% cheaper per impression than newspaper or television ads.

We have over 35 years in the hat embroidery business so you can trust us to produce fantastic looking custom embroidered caps and other embroidered products for your business.

By far our most popular hat styles are embroidered baseball caps. The classic baseball hat looks great and comes in a range of styles, colors, closures, and materials.

We also carry a popular variation of baseball caps called a flexfit hat. Flexfit hats feature an elastic closure that makes them super comfortable and they look great! From a decoration standpoint, the flexfit cap offers more space for your embroidered logo due to its elastic closure mechanism.

We have many resources to help you create quality embroidered hats. Check out our Embroidered Hat Buyers Guide that contains everything you ever wanted to know about embroidered hats. We have included a hat embroidery quick start guide below

Hat Anatomy 101

parts of a hat


Panels: 5-6 Triangle shaped panels are stitched together to form a baseball hat

Bill: Keeps the sun out of your eyes and the rain off your nose

Crown: The entire top of a baseball hat besides the bill

Cuff: Folded section of a beanie keeps your ears warm

Eyelets: Provides ventilation for baseball and golf hats

Button: Cosmetic feature on top of the hat that holds panels together

Closure: Used to adjust the hat to your head size: they can be elastic, plastic snaps, hook and loop, buckle, etc

Accents: Color contrast to the crown of the hat on the bill, panels, or closure

Style options

What Are the Style Options for Hat Embroidery?

The first decision you need to make when selecting embroidered hats is the style. In a corporate setting generally, hats are either worn as part of an embroidered uniform or for promotional purposes. As workwear, high visibility headwear is an essential part of your corporate safety program.

Logo Placement

Where Does the Logo Go on a Custom Hat?

logo locations

Logo Locations On Baseball Caps

There are four locations where a logo may go. Each one has some things you should consider.

Baseball Hat Embroidery Locations

Front: The most popular location

Right or Left Panel: Space is limited, so we place ancillary logo's here.

Back: This is a good location for your phone number or web site address.

decoration chart for beanie

Logo Location On Beanies

The logo location on a beanie depends on its style. If the beanie has a cuff, then the logo is stitched there. Note that the height of the cuff can vary quite a lot. Our experts will review your logo to make sure it will look good on the beanie you have selected.

Beanies without a cuff like the American flag logo beanie, generally have no restrictions on the size of the logo. Cuffless beanies provide the most decoration space of any hat.

Embroidery Locations For Beanies

Front, Back, or Side: There are generally few restrictions.
Logo Size

How Large Can the Embroidered Logo Be on a Hat?

Logo Colors

Selecting Thread Colors For Your Embroidered Logo

Hats with contrasting colors

How Do I Select Colors For My Logo?

You will need to consider how the colors in the hat and the logo will look together. In a corporate setting, the safe bet is a logo that provides a contrast between the logo and hat color. After all, the purpose of a promotional cap is to tell prospective customers about your business.

Embroidery is a unique decoration method, in that even non-contrasting logos can still look great. The thread we use will uniquely reflect light and the three-dimensional nature of embroidery allow logo's of any color to stand out. Some customers take advantage of these unique characteristics and make their logo color the same as the hat...this is called "Tone on Tone" design.

Our example to the right you see logo color schemes matched to the hat color they are on. You can also see what a "tone on tone" option would look.
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