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Corporate Casuals has a great selection of custom embroidered flexfit hats. All our hats are hand-picked by our experts, so you know your logo will look great on them. We offer brand names like Nike, New Era, Under Armour and more. You can design a custom hat online using our design studio or upload a picture of your logo, and we will turn it into stitches. We have no minimum order so that you can buy one or a thousand custom hats, and we can take care of you.

What are Flexfit Hats?

The term flexfit is one of those terms like bandaid. It's a brand trademarked by Yupoong that has become ubiquitous, and all hats with elastic closures are called flexfit hats. There is now a multitude of manufacturers that supply flexfit-style hats.

We customize flexfit hats by adding an embroidered logo to various locations on the hat. We can also supply personalized hats with employee names, company phone numbers, or a web site address.

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At One Time ALL Hats Were Custom

Before flexfit technology existed, hats were sized similarly to shoes with sizes ranging from 21⅝ to 25¾ inches in circumference. This size range was broken into 12-14 sizes with each size getting progressively larger just like shoes. Back in the day, all the hats you could purchase were customized to your exact head size.
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Thankfully Flexfit Hats Were Invented

Having to stock 14 different hat sizes was a shop keepers nightmare, and fortunately, adjustable hats were invented. Now the hat retailer could stock more colors and styles to provide a better selection of hats for their customer. Since flexfit adjusts to more sizes than traditional fitted hats, the customer gets a better fitting hat as well.

The closure for a flexfit hat is an special elastic band inside the hat that stretches to accommodate various head sizes. Hat panels are also made from a form-fitting material which allows the hat to fit more comfortably. Yupoong has patented this technology, you can read their patent if that kind of thing interests you.
flexfit size chart

Flexfit Hat Sizing

Custom flexfit hats generally come in 2 sizes (S/M and L/XL) for small and large heads. Use the size chart to determine which hat is most suitable for you. Be sure to visit the specific size chart for your style. Some hat brands may come in slightly different sizes so you need to check before you buy.
vintage hat size chart

You Need Good Equipment To Run Hats

We have over 100 heads of Barudan embroidery machines and can handle orders of any size. Our hat production workspaces are equipped with brand new Barudan machines and the latest hat hoops. Our production staff is provided with a state-of-the-art information system and iPads to ensure the accuracy of your custom hat order.

Our Transparent Pricing Means No surprises

Unlike most embroidery shops we don't play games by hiding the price of embroidery. We don't offer specials, limited time offers, coupons, first time buyer deals, or any other gimmicks. We offer low prices and break out all the costs right in our shopping cart. Let's look at the items that those other guys hide in their "all inclusive" price:

Why is it essential to break out our pricing? Simple, it puts you in control of the cost. If you need to shave a few dollars off the order to stay on budget, you can pick a logo with fewer stitches. Or you might choose a less expensive flexfit hat. If you are close by you might save shipping costs by picking up your order in Concord MA.

Why would you do business with a company that tries to trick you with gimmicks? We don't believe in gimmicks to win customers, and our customers appreciate our honest dealings with them. Our uncut customer reviews tell the story:

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