Corporate Casuals Store Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q. In a couple sentences how does this work?
Create an embroidered or printed design on our site. Then click the "Sell Stuff" link and create a store using the provided screens. Anytime someone buys something from your store you get a credit applied to your account. Credits can accumulate or be applied to online orders. Note: If the design you create needs to be digiitized, you will need to place an online order before you can create a store.
Q. What decoration styles can I choose for my store?
You can offer embroidery and direct to garment printing. Each sell sheet is limited to a single type of decoration. Put another way, you cannot mix and match decoration types on a sell sheet.
Q. What apparel is available to sell in my store?
Anything you see in the Corporate Casuals online catalog can be sold in your store. The store wizard offers a small selection of our most popular styles to help you get started quickly. The advanced sell sheet editor will accept any style number from our catalog.
Q. How will I get paid?
Each time your store makes a sale you will receive a credit to your account. This credit in any amount, may be applied to any online order. If you account balance builds to $25 or more you can request that a check be mailed to you.
Q. Are there any copyright issues I should know about?
You must own the copywright to any design that you sell in your store. You retain all rights to your original artwork, we only provide the decoration expertise and fufillment. If a question does arise about ownership or permission to use a particular design we will contact you. If you come across a case of copyright violation in any of our stores immediately send an e-mail to and we will investigate.
Q. Do I need to have my logo digitized before I can sell it?
Yes. Any uploaded designs must be digitized before you can sell them in your store. Since the artwork is yours, you will want to insure that the final product is acceptable. Any designs you create using our library of stock designs and text may be sold in your store immediately.
Q. Can I order items in my store for my own personal use?
Yes, you can order items from your own store. Creating duplicate accounts to cheat the system will result in your account being closed and forfeiture of all money earned....and you can do business elsewhere.
Q. Are there any restrictions on the content I can display on my apparel?
You must own or have permission to use any copyrighted material. Anything that is illegal to reproduce in the US or is over the top obscene (we're pretty liberal). In any case we reserve the right to close any store containing content that we decide is not fit to produce.
Q. Will my store be secure?
Yes. Your customers will check out using a secure shopping cart that uses a 128 bit encryption technology. The only information we share about your customer is the fact that they bought an item and that you earned a commission on the sale.
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