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Embroidery Frequently Asked Questions

How soon will my embroidery order arrive?

Orders typically ship from our Concord MA facility within 3 to 4 business days after you approve the design. Stock designs, and Text Only designs are automatically approved when you place the order. Remember to factor in shipping time when estimating your order delivery. Ground shipping takes 3-5 days, other shipping methods take less time.

For uploaded designs, you will need to approve the design before we stitch it on garments. This process usually takes 7-10 days depending on the method of approval. Some customer require a stitched sample, others only need to see the electronic version via e-mail. The method of approval you choose greatly affects the time it takes to complete your order.


Are there any setup fees?

There is a one time $35.00 setup fee if you upload a custom logo to be converted into an embroidery design. If you create a design using any of our online design studios, then there is no setup fee.


How can I make sure my design will digitize and embroider well?

You need to provide us with the best artwork you have available. We can accept JPG or GIF format via our Upload logo feature. If needed, you can send other formats via e-mail. If you have information about Pantone colors and logo sizes, be sure to include that information in the "notes" section of your order. Also, feel free to use the order notes to list any special requirements you may have.


How do I get my design to Corporate Casuals?

You can upload artwork in JPG or GIF format here. You can e-mail us your design to sales@corporatecasuals.com or simply call one of our Customer Service Representatives at 866-369-5935 to make arrangements.


What if I don't have a design?

Visit our online design studio and pick from over 10,000 designs. You can add custom text, modify text color, change layout, and change the colors in the stock design using our design studio. Best of all, there are no setup fees for any stock design or text only designs you create.


Do I have to supply the shirts, caps, etc. that I want embroidered?

No. You can order garments from our online catalog. We offer top brands like Patagonia, Nike, Columbia, Izod, Adidas, and more. Our quantity pricing is based on the total of ALL garments in your shopping cart. If you buy six shirts and six hats you pay the 12 piece price not the 6 piece price.


How much will it cost (Are there any hidden fees)?

This is probably the most popular question that we get. Many embroidery companies like to play games with the pricing by including the cost of embroidery in the garment price. If you choose a design with too many stitches in it they will tack on extra charges at the last minute. We disclose all our prices and total them up for you during the checkout process...THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES!

There are four costs that you need to be aware of when ordering custom embroidery: Setup Cost ($35 for custom logos and FREE for online designs),Embroidery Cost (sometimes called stitching or application charge), Garment Cost, and Shipping Cost.


Do you have a chart of your embroidery charges?

Yes. Click here to see our embroidery cost schedule.


How do I get started?

Visit our design center and create an embroidered logo or upload a logo. If you have a volume order or just need some help give us a call 866-369-5935.


I have a large order is there special pricing?

Prices on larger lots of apparel can vary from time to time depending on the styles, colors and sizes you choose. On larger orders even a few cents can make a big difference, we work with the manufacturers on an individual basis to make sure you get the best possible pricing. We encourage you to give us a call866-369-5935 if you have an order of 300 pieces or more.


How accurate is the preview I see in your design studio?

Corporate Casuals Visual Stitch technology gives you an idea how you logo will look, but its not perfect. Every computer monitor displays colors a bit differently, so the colors of your actual design may not match perfectly what you view on the screen. The embroidery processes is inherently imperfect, and slight variations from item to item inevitably exist. We can provide a stitchout of logo and samples of the garments you are interested in, just give us a call 866-369-5935. You can also use the Notes feature to pass on any special requests or concerns.


Your quantity pricing is different than other sites, can you explain?

We calculate quantity price based on the total number of garments you will purchase. If you purchase 6 shirts and 6 hats you will receive the 12 piece quantity discount on both items.


Do colors match between different styles?

No. Generally speaking colors will not match 100% between different styles. Coloring of a garment may even change from batch to batch. A red shirt purchased today may not match a red shirt that you bought in the past. Most customers do not notice the slight variations in color, however if color matching is a concern we suggest buying your embroidered apparel in a single batch, and let us know so we inspect the garments prior to embroidery application.


Are there any limitations on the types of graphics that can be reproduced with the embroidery process

Yes. Small text, fine detail, and color gradients can be difficult to reproduce with embroidery. Additionally the level of detail that can be reproduced is affected by the type of fabric the logo is stitched on. We have produced a digitizing white paper that covers many of the issues faced when converting a graphic logo to embroidery. The white paper can be viewed here.


Why do you charge a setup fee for uploaded logo's?

Unfortunately, custom logo’s still need to be digitized by hand for the best results. Our design team has access to state of the art digitizing software and even this software cannot produce production quality logo's automatically. If software existed that could automatically create digitized logo's we would be using it and digitizing would be free. Other companies combine digitizing into the total cost to make it look free (its not). Once you have paid us to digitize your logo, you will never have to pay for it again. If you ever decide to leave us for another supplier, you can download your digitized logo at any time.


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