Corporate Casuals Digitizing Now $35!

Unlike other apparel decoration, embroidery requires special processing to convert artwork into a format that an embroidery machine can accept. This process is known in the industry as digitizing. What makes this process a bit involved is that conversion from artwork to stitches is not something that is easily automated. Even with powerful computerized systems, the best embroidery is still created by designer/digitizer.

Digitized Embroidered Logo

What is quality digitizing?

A writer once said "A designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away". When applied, this idea produces the best digitized logo's. Unfortunately this idea is not in the best interests of embroidery shops and digitizers who are compensated by the number of stitches in the design. It is not uncommon to squeeze hundreds or even thousands of unneeded stitches into a design in order to boost profits.

Our digitizers are not compensated by the number of stitches in a logo since they work for us. Our experience shows that the actual application costs are not affected in any significant way by a few extra stitches in the logo. A happy customer will give us far more revenue in repeat orders than trying to gouge out a few extra dollars in application charges.

Why do some companies offer free digitizing?

Digitizing is never free no matter what anyone may advertise. The only way embroidery companies can offer free digitizing is to absorb it into the cost of the apparel or decoration. Some companies will take a loss on digitizing thinking that once they have your logo on file, it will be easier to go back to them rather than switch vendors and create a new digitized logo.

Our philosophy is that digitizing is the most important part of quality embroidery, and that YOU should own the digitized logo. We offer the highest quality digitizing and you can download your stitch file anytime you want. Simply put, digitizing has value, we charge for it, but you own it.

$65 Digitizing Is now $35

Now that you understand the importance of quality digitizing, you may be wondering why we are able to cut the price by almost fifty percent.

Our investment in tools and technology over the past several years has produced substantial efficiencies in how we produce digititized logo's. With thousands of digitized logo's in our portfolio we have an excellent understanding of how much it costs to digitize a wide range of logo sizes. Our new digitzing rates allow us to break even when the costs of a large number of digitizing jobs are averaged.

With our new lower digitizing rates, we hope to introduce more business owners to the benefits that custom embroidered apparel can offer.
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