Why Choose Corporate Casuals for Embroidery?
The bottom line is better value -- and a better deal for you.

Corporate Casuals is your best choice by far when it comes to custom embroidered hats, polo shirts, sweatshirts, and other personalized garments. The fact is, more and more small businesses (medical offices, legal practices, contactors and other professionals) and individuals are choosing Corporate Casuals for our unsurpassed combination of quality apparel/brands, reliable service and great value.

Here's why we're the better choice.

We're different from other custom embroidery companies because our pricing is completely transparent. You know exactly what you're getting -- without gimmicks or games. Many others who offer corporate apparel and personalized t-shirts promise you a great deal upfront, just to lure you in. Meanwhile, you might wind up paying a lot more than you expected -- and get a lot less for your money. That kind of disappointment just will not happen when you order your custom t-shirts and other apparel from Corporate Casuals. Here's why:

The real costs of custom embroidery.

Any custom embroidery order will entail a number of basic costs. These include:

The process of converting artwork or photographs into stitches.

Your t-shirts, sweatshirts or other apparel.

Use of embroidery machinery as well as threads, backing and topping materials to apply your logo or artwork to the garment.

Packing and shipping:
Costs for UPS delivery plus boxes and packing materials.

The games those other shops play.

You must be on your guard because others might lure you in with great promises that invariably fall short. Beware of common "tricks" like these:

Free Digitizing:
They'll promise it up front, but they're likely to "review" your logo upon receipt. If your design includes more than 5,000 stitches, they will probably charge you more. And don't be surprised if they add stitches to your design -- a move that will raise the cost and lower the quality of your embroidery. Some shops only offer free digitizing on large quantity orders or even worse, pad the garment price so it includes the cost of digitizing.

Minimum Production Runs:
Some companies will offer a low initial price, but if you review the fine print in your contract, you'll note that the low price might be tied in to a production minimum that you must reach. Corporate Casuals has no minimum order. We'll custom-produce a single piece if that's what you want.

Other companies might promise lower shipping charges, but you could have a delivery lead time of up to 4 weeks or more. Corporate Casuals always ships within 3-4 days after your logo is approved.

A Question of Quality:
Those who promise the lowest prices often deliver the cheapest quality apparel.Those low quality polo shirts will last only a few washings -- and that's a real shame considering your investment in personally embroidered apparel. Corporate Casuals gives you finer quality garments, ones that last a lot longer. We offer brand names like Nike, Devon and Jones, Outer Banks, Adidas, Charles River and more. In all cases, a better quality garment means far better value for your investment.

Don't be swayed if someone pushes their "guarantee." The fact is, all embroidery shops guarantee their work out of the box. Besides, embroidery stitched onto anything is extraordinarily durable. In fact, it will probably hold up far better than the rest of the garment.

Corporate Casuals: No tricks. Just solid value and a deal you can depend on

When it comes to custom embroidery and personalized shirts, the bottom line is a combination of high quality, great value and overall dependability. That's precisely what you get from Corporate Casuals.

We offer our services on a straight a la carte basis. You get precisely what you pay for. There's no surprise at any time, you know exactly what it's going to cost, and you know precisely where you can save money.

Let the others offer all kinds of "tricks" and promises. Come to Corporate Casuals for highest quality products, volume discounts, value pricing and service you can trust.

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