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Historically, custom embroidery has been a very expensive promotional tool. This was mainly due to the high costs of creating custom embroidery designs from a logo or graphic. Embroidery designs are much different than graphic designs since each individual stitch must be defined. In years past custom embroidery designs were actually plotted out by hand and then transferred to paper tape for stitching. Today computers and modern design software make creating an embroidered logo a breeze.

Even though a computer can digitize thousands of times faster than a human being, it does not mean that computers do a better job of digitizing. These programs still need the experience of a skilled embroidery designer to make decisions about many things. For example did you know that pique polo shirts are actually quite difficult to embroider? Well, they are easy to embroider if you don't care how the logo looks...if you want a great looking logo then you need a skilled embroidery designer with years of experience to make it look great even on challenging fabric such as pique.

At Corporate Casuals we want your custom embroidery project to be a huge success so we use modern embroidery design tools and have a staff of embroidery designers with over 25 years experience. Yes these guys have fond memories of plotting out embroidery designs on paper! Armed with modern embroidery software they have helped thousands of companies create perfect embroidery designs.

Let us help you with your next custom embroidery project. Our web site has a nice collection of apparel, a state of the art online embroidery studio, and a team of professionals behind it. If you need additional assistance call us at 866-369-5935.

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