Corporate Casuals vs Zazzle®

Embroidered Apparel Printed Apparel Rush Charge Standard Processing Online Design Hanes BeefyT Price*
Zazzle NO YES All orders processed in 24 hours 24 Hours Print Only no Clipart $14.19
Corporate Casuals YES YES All orders processed in 3-4 days 3-4 Days Yes, Full Print & Embroidery $8.98 check mark
* Comparison of Hanes BeefyT, 6.1oz, 100% Cotton, Color white, 24pcs, full color print, on 07/20/2006.

General Information:

Company Background: The Zazzle website was launched in 2003 offering a wide variety of innovative custom products such as postage stamps, mugs, and tshirts. They feature an excellent collection of brand name images from Disney, 20th Century Fox, and many more.

Comments (update - 6/22/2010): Zazzle has added a line of embroidered apparel to their offering with some online design tools. While their site is very well designed, their pricing is not competitive. Their 252 piece price is higher than our single piece on many of the polo shirts we carry. You will find that 252pcs of a comparable polo shirt bought from Corporate Casuals would be 50% cheaper than Zazzle. We can offer this kind of pricing because we are focused on one thing, selling embroidery (not mugs, stationery, skateboards, or other doo-dads).

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