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Cintas is a very well known uniform supplier and launderer. Cintas has over 34,000 employees with revenues approaching $4 Billion. Started in 1929 primarily as an industrial launderer, Cintas now offers Work Uniforms for purchase and rental (most consider this laundering since the company rents the uniform to businesses and provides a pick up and delivery laundry service as part of the rental arrangement), safety and cleanroom supplies.
We hold Cintas in high regard as an industry leader but purchasing your company work uniforms from Corporate Casuals has two distinct advantages. You may design your logo online with text and stock designs, and preview this in an embroidered format before placing your order. If you have a custom logo, our set-up charge is almost half what Cintas charges and you may download it at any point to take to another supplier if we do meet your needs. Pay half and never pay it again.
The second is we are not tied to any one brand. Cintas offers Nike but is really pushing its own brand that you canít purchase anywhere else. We do not offer our own brand of work uniforms so we may match you with the style that best suits your needsÖ.not Cintasís style chart. We also ship in days not weeks so you may have a shirt uniform ready for that new employee when he or she starts.

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