Sad day at my Alma Mater

About 25 years ago I traveled up to the North Country to become a ski racer (after i came to the sad realization i didn’t have the size (or hands) to compete in football at a high level).  I enjoyed 2 years at Northwood School in Lake Placid but was riddled by injuries.  I had knee surgery in October of my first year and didn’t make it ‘on snow’ until late January and wasn’t able to compete well that year.  Senior year I was fortunate to start getting some real results until i shattered my shoulder the day before Junior Olympics where i was supposed to represent NY State.  Too bad and I sometimes wish i had pursued ski racing for another year before going to college but that’s the way it happened.

However, a month or so later i got accepted to St. Lawrence University and my whole world changed.  I was able to race D1 for two years, although not very well (i needed more training to keep up and wasn’t getting it at SLU).  But, truth be told, I was more than a little distracted by college life.  I picked that up real quick and had the time of my life.  Beyond the short term fun and stories we continue to tell about our time in Canton, NY, I cherish the friendships i made at the “Larry”.  I married a SLU girl, still live within 3 miles of 3 good SLU friends and regularly get together with the same exact friends I did back at St. Lawrence University between 1989-1993.  

So, even though i haven’t been to campus in 20 years, i was saddened by a devastating fire at Gunnison Chapel this weekend. I’ve pasted the story below along with pictures and a video.  Gunnison Chapel has been a symbol of SLU for almost 90 years and like any object that recaptures great memories, it was sad to see it destroyed