non tshirt pursuits

Kiteboarding Cape Cod Labor Day 2013

When i’m not at work, I try to get in the water as much as possible.  I grew up waterskiing and when i was 17 my dad asked me if i wanted a windsurfer.  What made me really think about the answer was they were very expensive and I thought to myself, “if I drop this sport in 2 weeks, I don’t think dad would appreciate it and most likely these offers would never come again.” Well,  I committed to windsurfing and also began teaching it at a school in nantucket named Force 5 Watersports and have been chasing the wind ever since.

When kiteboarding came along in the 2000’s, I had no interest.  I was pretty good at windsurfing, kiteboarding was extremely dangerous at the time and I was old enough to not think that was cool anymore.  But, when i learned it was safe and my sister-in-law was intrigued with windsurfing, I suggested we both learn to kiteboard.  I knew the learning curve was faster then windsurfing and it required less upper body strength……so we both started learning.  Now, i’m addicted all over again.  Kiting (as we refer to it) can be done in less breeze and with less effort…..but the main kicker is you can JUMP HIGH!  I mean like really high.  in the picture above I’m able to get 10-15 feet in the air but sometimes i’ve been aloft for 8 seconds!  Add in you can also go super fast across the water before and after you jump, its really a thrill seeker’s ultimate sport.  Plus, its now relatively safe.  you don’t have to jump out of an airplane, off some rocks or with a bungee attached to your legs……you just POP it!  its amazing and what i spend my time doing when I’m not trying to help folks with custom t-shirts or embroidered schwag.


Mass Customized logo’d catalog coming

Luckily our brands like Nike, Port Authority, Devon and Jones and Adidas have helped us out by taking photos in the same angle for every color per style. This makes it easy for us to “Hot Spot” each garment so when you browse our catalog you will automatically view each garment with your last embroidered logo at its correct size, color and look. Some manufacturers plop jpg proofs in a general area and although one may look good, we use the actual embroidery file to show you your logo. No one else is doing that. We do have to spend the time hotspotting each garment but once we do, we’ll launch a personalized way to shop for each customer. Please expect this in a couple months!