Corporate Casuals adding Custom screenprinted t-shirts

Never say never.  I vowed 10-15 years ago never to add screenprinting to our embroidery facility.  Late last week i ate my words.  We had the privileged opportunity to merge with a well respected local screenprinter named Jektek.  We now have an experienced team of printers and really look forward to providing the highest quality custom t-shirts.

To give a little background: we started out as what most people call “contract embroiderers” providing only embroidery services to companies that sold custom apparel to end customers.  With the dotcom crash, our major customers went out of business and we started offering our services online.  This became our focus but we still service many of our legacy contract accounts.  One of them was Jektek. Through that relationship we had the opportunity to merge with them.

Coincidentally, I had little success partnering with screenprinters online (a quest i pursued for many years) so we could present a complete offer to end customers but still be the “embroidery experts”.  But, for a myriad of reasons, i failed to solicit a willing partner.  Abandoning that pursuit recently, we’ve turned a cliche upside down: instead of ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ we’d do the opposite, ‘if you can’t join them, beat them!’

Anyway, the only way we could accomplish this effectively and up to our standards was to merge with an experienced printer. We were not going to ‘learn’ screenprinting while providing the service.  We wanted to provide the best screenprinted t-shirts right out of the gate.  We didn’t want to outsource long term either (we have and will still work with a couple trusted partners) but knew we wanted it all.  The quality, the service, quick turnarounds, etc.  So, merging with a trusted and experienced printer was the only option.  We’ve done that and are thrilled to introduce Cindy, Pat and Sean as our new print team.  They will be supported by the entire customer service staff, art department and production to make sure we provide the the best service and product to current and future customers.

We are tremendously excited about our new offering and, as always, want to thank our cherished customers for everything.  Many have pushed us to offer screenprinting and all have given us the means to pursue this opportunity.  We are tremendously fortunate to do what we like everyday, provide a great product and be appreciated for our efforts.  Thanks!

July = Free Shipping

I hope everyone had a nice long holiday week.  Whether you took off just wednesday or extended the weekend to include the 4th it was certainly the week to do it.  I think 90% of the country was over 90 degrees so I hop you found a fun way to keep cool.  

But Monday eventually comes and we all need to get back to work.  To fill up our production schedule and maybe make your life easier, we’re offering free ground shipping for the month of July.  We’d welcome the chance to help with your order anytime but in July we’ll ship it for free. Please click on the link above of below and shipping will automatically disappear in your cart.


Embroidered Patagonia Photo Testimonial


Our friends at J. Pepper Frazier were kind enough to forward a picture of them donning their new Patagonia Torrentshell Jackets on the beach in Nantucket.  We hope they don’t have to use them for their intended purpose much this summer but its good to know they are prepared and will look great nevertheless.  Thanks so much for your order and have a great summer!

For information on J. Pepper Frazier Realty in Nantucket, MA please visit their website at:

Which logo would you pick?

We got a great logo from a customer recently and went to digitize it.  At the same time we tried a new auto-digitizing technology recently unveiled on a friend’s website (hint: starts with Vista)….below is the actual print art and then swatches of two versions.and the embroidered logos….

Oh, and the best part is this was the preview of the embroidery from the aut-digitizer

Please notice the preview is nothing like either of the final swatches……hmmmm, did they use their technology only for proofing and then edit it by hand?  I can’t think of another way….

Crunch Friday

Embroidery machines are humming today.  Boxes so high we can see Tina.  UPS and 18 wheelers here til noon yesterday dropping off garments and then back at 3pm to start picking up.  Craziness but everything is running smoothly and on-time.  Very little stress compared to the old days when we had no systems or technology to help organize our embroidery production.

Embroidery Elves getting orders out for the holidays:


Holiday Cut-off set for December 19th

We are fortunate to have an unbelievable embroidery production staff and can delay our holiday cutoff until December 19th for delivery by the 23rd.

There are, of course, exceptions: West coast order will need a shipping upgrade to at least 2-day and Patagonia’s cut-off is tomorrow  (December 15th) at noon.  There may be other slight stock issues but we’ll let customers know (and find alternatives) within an hour or so of their order.  Of course, we will not ship/charge you if we cannot meet your deadline or get your approval on a substitute.

Thanks to recent customers for making this the busiest holiday seasons we’ve ever had.  We truly appreciate it.

Best,  Andrew