Broder InkSoft retraction

Wow, i was wrong.  I apologize to AlphaBroder and InkSoft. I think they delayed offering the designs in your account for a few days and I stupidly assumed they were going to leave it that way.  The design studio is awesome for print and
can only rival CustomInk.  Huge step in our industry.  As soon as they start letting you create your own sites with this design center, no one in the industry will be trying to catch up with CustomInk technologically.

I think the only question is when AlphaBroder is going to buy InkSoft?  Otherwise, I’m not sure InkSoft’s motivation offering its studio for free.  It’ll be the tail wagging the dog soon at Broder as long as LittleJohn realizes what they have and gets the check written.  The only thing this offering may disrupt is the design heavy printers.  Now anyone can create great looking art and have it immediately available for printing.  I wonder what SanMar has up its sleeve now?

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