Get Double back from

I love grand statements (actually its my father’s favorite saying).  The guaranteed lowest price offer always makes me chuckle because it can’t be valid.  it’s just a marketing gimmick.  Don’t folks see through it?  Wouldn’t seeing such a too-good-to-be-true offer just raise red flags?

I just reviewed and found their president (full picture too!) on the home page stating 4ipmrint would give customers “double back” the difference in price.  HA; can’t be true, right!  low and behold I found a Harriton M265 (they don’t use manufacturer style numbers so they can’t be compared!) for $15.50 for 12 units:

Fair enough, they include embroidery and charge a $35 set-up charge.  Our price for the same shirt (M265) is $9.23 plus $4 embroidery or $13.23:

We also offer no set-up charge for logos designed online and the same $35 charge for a custom digitized design. But, you get my point: we’re obviously lower priced and they still have a “lowest price guarantee”!  Ask Kevin for some money back since you can’t “believe it”.

p.s. We don’t offer a lowest price guarantee because we don’t have to…

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