Irony of business

I regularly cheer when we get an order from greensboro, NC as it was the most recent apparel belt and up until recently a very inexpensive place to do business.  Clearly our customer could find embroidered shirts or jackets in greensboro or someplace local for less money, right?  After all, we are located in a very expensive area in Concord, MA.

I guess the answer is no or they find it easier to order from us 700+ miles away.  In my cheesy competitive nature, I also love to see orders shipped to Wilmington, NC where our old friends at The Queensboro Shirt Company call home.  This recent order was placed with us exactly 785 miles away but only 2 miles from Fred Meyers and friends.  Now, I’m sure he has a few customers that order embroidered apparel and have used Zaptee in our local area so all is fair.Image


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