Inbound Marketing Craze

One major advantage to being located in Eastern Massachusetts is I/we can attend great technology events. I went to one yesterday put on by SugarCRM. The focus was on social business and Dharmesh from HubSpot was the keynote speaker. Both founders at Hubspot are great speakers and have a wonderful concept in Inbound Marketing.

Their claim is outbound marketing (advertising & PPC primarily) is a waste because there is too much noise and consumers do not respond to it. The only effective way to advertise is to ‘be there’ (on google/internet) when someone is looking for you or your products. Valid point right? basically why paid search works (or had worked). So, their pitch is you need to have substantial Seo content.

Not marketing speak but real effective, I would want to read it content. I don’t want to use and embroidery example so I’ll try screenprinting: “Screen Printed t-shirts are a great way to advertise your business. there are good and bad screenprinters. we are the best ever screenprinters that print on t-shirts for your business, school or organization.” ….you get what i mean. Google and any other aggregator of information want USEFUL information like “Screenprinting is a thousand year old technique that pushes ink through a screen onto a t-shirt. the reason its done this way is white ink has plastic in it so it sits on top of a t-shirt. if you were to shove plastic (even tiny pieces) through a print head on an ink jet it would jam up in seconds. that is why screenprinting still exists as the same old technology. you should pay between $2-5 for a t-shirt and a buck or two per color for the prinitng depending on the quantity. it takes time to set up the machines and deal with customers so we don’t want an order unless its 100 units to make it worth my while. those are the facts….sorry to be blunt.”

Sounds logical and it has worked for us in the past.  Although, I can’t imagine paying $1k a month for hubspot’s ‘technology’ to help me with this.  Granted I haven’t had a chance to really check it out.  they have nice free tools and tons of information on how to market this way… i’d suggest using these but signing up for a minimum of 6 months to do it professionally is expensive

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