Buh-bye January!

It’s been a crazy weather month here in the Northeast.  First we had snow, then in the 50’s, back to below zero and back to the 60’s.  Now we’re getting another wild change over with 60mph winds.

It was a wild month work-wise too.  We had a breather after one of the busiest December’s i can remember.  Then we started in on trade-show season.  I had to deal with changing over our accounting which is no small feat i must admit.  Many years ago we set-up a separate company file to accommodate our ‘trade business’ but that created complexities as well.  Finally, we decided to combine the two but that was a challenge because payroll info didn’t easily transfer and booking everything on accrual basis versus a cash basis as we’ve been for years.  I guess the only reason to mention it is transitioning accounting info is difficult….so try to avoid it if you can.

As i mentioned before, we are lucky to have a new (to us) screenprinting crew in-house.  This transition, although very exciting, has been a little difficult as we get used to each other and how we work together.  We’ve had personel issues and technical ones but persevered ironing out the kinks (personal and functional) and are starting to ramp up production.  The quality is amazing and I’m excited about offering a new decoration type after all these years just focusing on embroidery.  Screen printing is an incredibly old process but you can’t beat the look and the level of detail we could never achieve with embroidery.  For 15 years I’ve had to tell customers we couldn’t do fine detail lettering or art; my retort was that embroidery was more ‘charming/classic’ looking.  I believe that and still do…..but it sure is nice to say, “well, why don’t we screenprint it?”  After almost 20 years as an exclusive embroiderer, I’m excited to play with our new screenprinting ‘toy’.  Not to say we haven’t kept the excitement alive in embroidery….we created a lot of new technologies (patent included), added new brands and hopefully have learned a little about ourselves (good and bad).

On the brand side, this year we’ve already added First Ascent, Eddie Bauer and New Balance along with more from Russell Athletic, Alo and Alternative.  We will also announce an incredible partnership with two top adventure brands in the coming month.

On the personnel side, we have added two new customer service reps: Mark and Sosa to our existing team (Lisa, Shaina, Soheila and Kim).  Our 2nd shift production manager, Carlos, has moved to covering both shifts and is doing a great job keeping the ‘floor’ humming.  Bill and Cindy are working hard to get your designs perfect and making sure they look fabulous on all your garments.  Chris and I work on development (our newest feat: paperless production!) and Jean keeps the books clean.  There are too many to mention out in production but they all do incredible work everyday.  I hope to include a few pics of completed orders with each production member in the coming days.  I hope i keep that promise!

Off to February and hopefully some consistent weather and smoother around the shop!

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