Customer Trust

Trust is certainly the most important factor in selling/providing any product or service.  We have an influx of ads, infomercials, display ads, search ads, mobile ads, etc giving us a desire for a product or service….but when it comes down to actually purchasing it we are all skeptical of the seller.  We’ve been burned, don’t want to get duped or look stupid so we try to weed through the sales talk and figure out what we’re missing.  Basically, we don’t trust the merchant no matter how well they are conveying the features and benefits of their product.

Selling (or providing products to customers) online is even harder.  Creating trust is very difficult.  It’s hard to create a relationship online and really that’s the only thing that can overcome distrust.  We do a few things to instill trust like real reviews (not solicited or edited), stitch cam to prove the lights are really on and we do this every day all day, no minimum purchase so folks can try us and the ability to download your embroidery design (for use with another embroiderer) if you like…..but are not always successful.  We inevitably rely on referrals from repeat customers where trust is a given and it brings us back to our roots as a company.  This form of advertising/marketing/exposure is not fancy or new or online specific or with a new offer, its just basic reputation building thats been around for centuries.

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