Little victories

My father took up golf late in life and now it’s his passion.  He’s getting better but still considered a high handicap (meaning: not that great), which makes the game of golf very punishing mentally.  Yet, his favorite saying is there’s always one good shot that keeps him coming back.

What keeps us passionate about our business is the incredible feedback from customers.  People are very busy today and it’s arduous to provide unsolicited (or not enticed by deals) feedback. So, when we get an incredible note from the Special Olympics, I can’t help but be proud of our team (sorry, overused term but very much fitting in our case) and POST IT!

As promised, here are some highlights of the Games! Here is the link to our website ( that has links to pictures, videos, and opening ceremony highlights. The photos on Flickr are my favorite. When Barbara gets back next week, I’ll get pictures of her and the group in their lime shirts for you. Thank you so much for your help on those shirts – they looked fabulous and I hope we have another chance to work with you soon.
By: J. Briggs

Huge compliment from the most selfless organization in the country…..a little victory that means so much more

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