I have no excuses for not writing more. Its not that anyone is really interested but I enjoy the process of writing about our business, customers, employees, etc. It is helpful to highlight product updates and technology changes but its essential for perspective. I, like anyone, get caught in the day-to-day operational challenges….so I like the opportunity to step back and for a larger view of what we’re trying to accomplish, how we’re growing to be better tomorrow and why. Therefore, I would like to set a goal of writing more often. I know myself well enough to not put a schedule on it right now.

Anyway, enough about me: We’ve had an exciting year launching iTshirt as a way to order tees on your phone for under $5 shipped. We continue to expand our product offering which recently included Red Kap which is a top industrial brand. And, just this week, we added a new dedicated customer rep named Hanwei. All this is made possible by our incredible customers that still range from schools in Atlanta, GA to a beer brand in Dallas, TX to a handyman in San Diego (all customers today). There is nothing more satisfying than a happy customer and we are fortunate to gain them one at a time

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